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Home Concierge Services

Allow our Home Services to manage your home so you can spend your time relaxing.  Services are tailored to your needs and can include getting quotes for repair work, grocery shopping, waiting for a delivery or installation and decluttering the guest room.  If you don’t see a service, just ask!


Let’s Check the Box!


Home/Office Organization

Declutter closets & rooms, space optimization, provide recommendations to recycle, donate or consign items. 


Wait For & House Sitting

Wait for delivery/ installation/repair service, conduct security checks while on vacation including mail pick up, water plants, & package retrieval

Property Management

Obtain repair quotes, manage repairs/ renovations, schedule & manage contractors/service providers, conduct property inspections.


Relocation Assistance

Create home inventory list, decluttering, moving checklist & utility/service cancellations

What Are Customers Saying?

Results and Testimonials


“I procrastinated clearing out a storage unit for 2 years, it was overwhelming and expensive to maintain. I knew I needed assistance and Victory Concierge was the best decision I could have made!!

Victory Concierge was able to quickly provide an estimate and confidently set the date for completion. With an organized and solution oriented approach, Victory Concierege worked with me to make decisions to ensure we stayed on task. Victory Concierge went above and beyond to provide awareness of resources I would not have had access to. The end result was a successful closeout prior to the estimated timeframe. I highly recommend Victory Concierge!! Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

- Candace B.

“Victory Concierge was a great partner in getting my home office space organized, after years of paper (and other) accumulation. They helped me to set reasonable goals, block time to get the job done, and stood by my side, working in tandem to speed up the entire process — and keep me from losing steam or getting distracted! A very worthwhile investment.”
- David R.

“I had the daunting task of relocating my entire life across the country in 30 days and Victory Concierge is the only reason my sanity remained in tact. Besides helping me organize, pack and dispose of things…they did and offered things that I didn’t even know I needed (like finding a consignment shop so that I could make a like money on my unwanted clothing. I highly recommend Victory Concierge. Great job with a caring and friendly smile (and often a hug).” ”
- Vernette D.

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