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Personal Concierge & Virtual Assistant Services

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Business Services

Our Virtual Assistance Services make it possible for you to focus on business growth. Services are tailored to your business needs and can include returning phone calls, booking travel, calendar management, managing websites or creating documents. Learn More >

Home Services

Our Home Management Services enable you to enjoy time for rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. Services are tailored to your needs and can include completing overdue errands, scheduling repairs, having your car serviced, or decluttering your home. Learn More >

Personal Services

Our Personal Management Services make it possible for you to enjoy life more. Services are tailored to your personal needs and can include appointment scheduling, booking reservations, or shopping. Learn More>

“We LOVE Victory Concierge! They are a wonder, handling a wide range of responsibilities with great attention to detail. From handling the delivery of artwork…to watching over our home and plants when we travel…to handling other important tasks we cannot handle ourselves. We highly recommend Victory Concierge.”
Sharon D.

Home Management Services

“Your decluttering service is the best Mother’s Day gift!”
Barbara B.

Home Management Services

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